Called Business Meeting

Called business meeting agenda for Sunday, June 26, 2011

(1) Resignation of the present Pastor Search Committee so that a new pastor search committee can be elected for the calling of the next pastor;
(2) The present pastor search committee will recommend that our present Intentional Interim Pastor, Pastor Carlton McDaniel, Sr. be called as the full-time traditional interim pastor until the new pastor is called and that the financial compensation package remain the same as adopted in the 2010-2011 church budget. Copies of the new covenant agreement between the interim pastor and the church will be available and the covenant will be the basis for the role and responsibilities of the interim pastor and the church.
(3) The Deacons will nominate ten (10) members to serve as the Pastor Search Committee, five (5) of whom will be elected by the congregation the following Sunday. These five will constitute the new pastor search committee.