ASP Training

Our ASP 2016 team will be training this Saturday at the church starting at 8am.  We will go through two exercises central to ASP, family selection and “Mountain Money” as well as construction training.  The idea of this training is to introduce and reinforce the ASP concepts of the “Three S’s,” sensitivity, stewardship and safety.  We would like to open our training to anyone who would like to attend.  For the two exercises, the more participants we have, the better.  Lunch will be provided, but please RSVP to me if you are not on the ASP team and plan to attend.
The family selection exercise puts our teams in the minds of the center staff that has to choose which families to help…and, more importantly, which families will not receive help this year.  This gives us a perspective that helps us understand the difficulties Appalachian families face, and also how difficult it is to tell someone that you cannot help them.
The Mountain Money exercise is an ASP favorite.  “Families” are given scenarios to simulate income, expenses and hardships that typically face some of the families we serve.  This exercise can be intense, and has been known to produce a few tears!  Mountain Money helps us be more sensitive when interacting with families whose financial challenges are very different from the ones we experience.
Finally, the construction training will include familiarizing ourselves with power tools, their use, and how to be safe when working with them.
Please join us if you can!!!