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Dec. 28 Brittany Jackson – “Fulfilling God’s Promises”
Dec. 21 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Fulfilling Love”
Sermon Slides (PDF)
Dec. 14 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Joyful Patience”
Sermon Slides (PDF)
Dec. 7 Brittany Jackson – “Welcoming Peace”
Nov. 30 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Unexpected Hope”
Sermon Slides (PDF)
Nov. 23 Amy Gallaher – “God Help the Outcasts”
Sermon Slides (PDF)
Nov. 16 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Hearts in the Right Place: The Stewardship of Tithes and Gifts”
Sermon Slides (PDF)
Nov. 9 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Hearts in the Right Place: The Stewardship of Creation”
Sermon Slides (PDF)
Nov. 2 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Hearts in the Right Place: The Stewardship of Time”
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Oct. 26 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Familiarity Breeds Contempt”
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Oct. 19 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Humility: Getting Over Yourself”
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Oct. 12 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Who Are We to Judge?”
Oct. 5 Dr. Tony Cartledge – “Two Songs About Grapes”
Sept. 28 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Redeemed and Restored”
Sept. 21 Rev. Todd Higginson – “A Shout-Out for Jesus”
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Sept. 14 Mrs. Brittany Jackson – “What’s In It For Me?”
Sept. 7 Rev. Todd Higginson – Charge to the Deacons
Aug. 31 Rev. Todd Higginson – “The Ministry of Detours”
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Aug. 24 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Faith in Our Future”
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Aug. 17 Sharon Freeman – Guatemala Mission Report
Sermon Slides (PDF)
Aug. 10 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Baptism by Storm”
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Aug. 3 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Please Pass the Peace”
July 27 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Working Together for Good”
July 20 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Fishing in the Deep End”
July 13 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Keep on Sowing”
July 6 ASP Mission Team – “Appalachia Service Project Report”
Sermon Slides (PDF)
June 29 Brittany Jackson – “Overcoming Life’s Obstacles”
June 22 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Better Judgement”
June 15 Rev. Steve Holland – “The Disorder of Grace”
June 8 Rev. Todd Higginson – “The Long and Winding Road”
June 1 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Let Your Story Rise”
Sermon Slides (PDF)
May 25 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Tattooed Hearts”
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May 18 Kendra Sumler – “His Promise for Our Problems”
May 11 Rev. Todd Higginson – “The Awe-Inspiring Church”
Sermon Slides (PDF)
May 4 Amy McClure – “Living Resurrection Lives”
Apr. 27 Rev. Todd Higginson – “A Touching Testimony”
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Apr. 20 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Show and Tell”
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Apr. 18 Liz & Mark Jackson – A Creative Reading from Luke’s Gospel
Apr. 13 Rev. Todd Higginson & Ms. Kendra Sumler – Responsive Reading of Christ’s Passion
Sermon Slides (PDF)
Apr. 6 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Flesh Tones”
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Mar. 30 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Wake Up and Turn on the Lights”
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Mar. 23 Rev. Kim Wyatt – “On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!”
Mar. 16 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Travel Assurance”
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Mar. 9 Rev. Todd Higginson – “New Finish, New Beginning”
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Mar. 2 Ashley Wickline – “Relay the Message”
Feb. 23 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Holy, Hole-y, Wholly”
Feb. 16 Kendra Sumler – Message
Feb. 9 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Good Bones”
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Feb. 2 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Unexpected Blessings”
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Jan. 19 Rev. Todd Higginson – “WWJBD?”
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Jan. 12 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Out of the Mire and Into the Choir”
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Jan. 5 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Rise and Shine”
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Dec. 29 Irma Duke – “Responding to the Christ Child”
Dec. 22 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Prepare Your Voices”
Sermon Slides (PDF) – Link to Hallelujah Chorus video
Dec. 15 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Prepare Your Hearts”
Sermon Slides (PDF)
Dec. 8 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Prepare the Way”
Sermon Slides (PDF)
Nov. 24 Dr. Harry Rowland – “A Mission Shaped Church”
Nov. 17 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Words and Wisdom for Tough Times”
Sermon Slides (PDF)
Nov. 10 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Faith Healing”
Sermon Slides (PDF)
Nov. 3 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Woe is We”
Sermon Slides (PDF)
Oct. 27 Rev. LaCount Anderson – “What Happens In Between”
Oct. 20 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Finding Heart”
Sermon Slides (PDF)
Oct. 13 Kendra Sumler – “A New Identity”
Oct. 6 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Praying for Transformation”
Sermon Slides (PDF)
Sept. 29 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Mind the Gap”
Sermon Slides (PDF)
Sept. 15 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Discipleship Ain’t Cheap”
Sermon Slides (PDF)
Sept. 8 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Humility Before Honor”
Sermon Slides (PDF)
Sept. 1 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Lost and Found”
Sermon Slides (PDF)
Aug. 25 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Straight Talk”
Sermon Slides (PDF)
Aug. 18 Kendra Sumler – “Bought With a Price”
Aug. 11 Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “It Is No Secret What God Can Do”
Aug. 4 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Raised and Renewed in Christ”
July 28 Rev. Todd Higginson – “A Faith with Substance”
Sermon Slides (PDF)
July 21 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Unexpected Hope”
Sermon Slides (PDF)
July 14 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Neighborhood Watch”
Sermon Slides (PDF)
July 7 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Passing the Test”
Sermon Slides (PDF)
June 30 Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “In the Eye of the Storm”
June 23 Rev. Todd Higginson – “A Vocabulary of Faith”
Sermon Slides (PDF)
June 16 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Hair Care”
Sermon Slides (PDF)
June 9 Sharon Freeman – Guatemala Mission Report
Sermon Slides (PDF)
June 2 Rev. Todd Higginson – “The Plain Truth”
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May 26 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Spirit Guide”
Sermon Slides (PDF)
May 19 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Untied Tongues”
Sermon Slides (PDF)
May 12 Rev. Todd Higginson – “More Than a Magnificent Mother’s Love”
Sermon Slides (PDF)
May 5 Rev. Todd Higginson – “From Blessed to Stressed”
Sermon Slides (PDF)
Apr. 28 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Creation’s Hallelujah Chorus”
Sermon Slides (PDF)
Apr. 21 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Short Changed”
Sermon Slides (PDF)
Apr. 14 Rev. Steve Holland – “New Life Among the Crucified”
Apr. 7 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Easter Revelation; Easter Revolution”
Sermon Slides (PDF)
Mar. 31 Rev. Steve Holland – “The Sparrow”
Mar. 24 Rev. Todd Higginson – The Reading of Christ’s Passion
Sermon Slides (PDF)
Mar. 17 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Exceptional Righteousness”
Sermon Slides (PDF)
Mar. 10 Rev. Todd Higginson – “God’s Top Ten”
Sermon Slides (PDF)
Mar. 3 Survivor Sunday Service
Feb. 24 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Accept No Imitations”
Sermon Slides (PDF)
Feb. 17 Rev. Sharon James – “The Sin of Living Well”
Feb. 10 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Wholehearted Gratitude”
Sermon Slides (PDF)
Feb. 3 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Love Connection”
Sermon Slides (PDF)
Jan. 27 Bobby Watkins – “The Presence of the Holy Spirit in the Life of a Baptist Man”
Jan. 20 Rev. Todd Higginson – “Wedding Favors”
Sermon Slides (PDF)
Jan. 13 Rev. Todd Higginson – Installation Service
Jan. 13 Pastor Carlton McDaniel – Message



Dec. 30

Rev. Todd Higginson – “A Benediction for 2013”

Sermon slides (PDF)
Dec. 23

Rev. Todd Higginson – “Love, Sweet Love”

Sermon slides (PDF)
Dec. 16

Rev. Todd Higginson – “Christmas Presence”

Sermon slides (PDF)
Dec. 9

Rev. Todd Higginson – “Foolish Gifts”

Sermon slides (PDF)
Dec. 2

Rev. Todd Higginson – “Let There Be Light”

Sermon slides (PDF)
Nov. 25

Trey Lyon – CBF Field Personnel in Atlanta

Sermon slides (PDF)
Nov. 18

Rev. Todd Higginson – “Frosted Flakes for Hard Times”

Sermon slides (PDF)
Nov. 11

Rev. Todd Higginson – “Righteous Giving: Becoming a Heart Donor”

Sermon slides (PDF)
Nov. 4

Rev. Todd Higginson – “Take Off Your Shoes”

Sermon slides (PDF)
Oct. 28

Dr. Ed Croom – Homecoming Message

Oct. 21

Rev. Todd Higginson – “Priests to One Another”

Oct. 14

Rev. Steve Holland – “So Loved”

Oct. 7

Rev. Steve Holland – “Communion Meditation”

Sept. 30

Rev. Steve Holland – “Nevertheless”

Sept. 23

Rev. Steve Holland – “Close Enough for Horseshoes”

Sept. 16

Rev. Steve Holland – “Keeping the Promise”

Sept. 9

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “The Pastor’s Farewell”

Sept. 2

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “How Do Leaders Lead”

Aug. 12

Rev. Dave Peppler – “It’s Time to Fly”

Aug. 5

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “The Search for the Perfect Pastor”

July 29

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Strong at the Broken Places”

July 22

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “An Open Door”

July 15

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “The Hands of Jesus”

July 8

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Let the Children Come to Me”

July 1

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “In the Potter’s Hands”

June 24

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Mountain-Moving Faith”

June 17

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “The Measure of a Real Man”

June 10

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Marriage Myths”

June 3

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “If I Should Die Before I Live”

May 27

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Developing a Life of Faith – The Difficulty of Unbelief”

May 20

Larry Dean – The Gideons International

May 13

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “The Commandment With a Promise”

May 6

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Developing a Life of Faith – Living a Life of Faith”

Apr. 29

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Developing a Life of Faith – Finding Faith in a Crisis”

Apr. 22

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Developing a Life of Faith – From Doubt to Faith”

Apr. 15

Sharon Freeman – “Mission Trip to India”

Mission trip to India slides (PDF)
Apr. 8

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Victory in a Cemetery”

Apr. 1

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Jesus: The Face of Love”

Mar. 25

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Pilate: The Face of Rejection”

Mar. 18

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Simon of Cyrene: The Face of Duty”

Mar. 11

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Judas: The Face of a Traitor”

Mar. 4

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Peter: The Face of Denial”

Feb. 26

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Ministering by Grace”

Feb. 19

Women on Mission – Dale Matthews, Guest Speaker

Feb. 5

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Living in Grace”

Jan. 29

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Loved Unconditionally”

Jan. 15

Chris & Rachel Embler – “A Walk of Faith: Our Story of His Glory”

“A Walk of Faith” talk slides (PDF)
Jan. 8

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “He Is Greater”

Jan. 1

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “The Lord’s Supper”



Dec. 25

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Keeping Christmas”

Dec. 18

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Jesus: The Saving Name”

Dec. 11

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Christmas Comfort”

Dec. 11

Lynda Holland – “Personal Reflections on Grief”

Dec. 11

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Immanuel: The Sustaining Name”

Dec. 4

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “The Word: The Communicating Name”

Nov. 27

Rick & Lita Sample – CBF Missionaries in San Francisco

Nov. 20

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “A Thanksgiving Testimony”

Nov. 6

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Salvation’s Goal”

Oct. 30

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Growing In Grace”

Oct. 23

Dr. Hoyt Lock – “Jacob’s Well in the Church”

Oct. 16

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Our Great Salvation”

Oct. 9

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Who Do You Say I Am”

Oct. 2

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “The Silence of God”

Sept. 25

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “When We Have Nothing Left But God, God Is Enough”

Sept. 18

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Life in Trust”

Sept. 4

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Knocking in Prayer When the Door Seems Closed”

Aug. 21

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Don’t Miss the Party”

Aug. 14

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Pastors: Shepherd Leadership”

July 31

Ka’thy Chappell & Rick Jordan – Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of NC

July 24

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “A Model for Leaders”

July 17

Sharon Freeman – “Mission Trip Report”

Mission Trip to Resende, Brazil
July 3

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “When God Speaks to a Nation”

June 26

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “The Answer to Life’s Ultimate Question”

June 19

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “A Father’s Best Gift”

June 12

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Marked by Baptism”

June 5

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Halfway Up the Mountain”

May 29

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “The Commissioned Church”

May 22

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “The Charismatic Church”

May 15

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “The Caring Church”

May 8

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Spiritual Codes for Home Building”

May 1

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “The Credible Church”

Apr. 24

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Because He Lives”

Apr. 21

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Nailed to the Cross”

Apr. 17

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Seven Last Words of Jesus: The Word of Committal”

Apr. 10

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Seven Last Words of Jesus: It Is Finished”

Apr. 3

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Seven Last Words of Jesus: I Thirst”

Mar. 27

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Seven Last Words of Jesus: My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?”

Mar. 20

Carlton McDaniel, Jr. – “Facing the Giant”

Mar. 13

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Seven Last Words of Jesus: The Word of Love”

Mar. 6

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Seven Last Words of Jesus: The Promise of Paradise”

Feb. 27

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Seven Last Words of Jesus: Father, Forgive”

Feb. 20

Women on Mission – “Who are the Women on Mission?”

Feb. 13

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Do We Have a Vision for Our Church’s Future?”

Feb. 13 Images from the sermon:1.  Congregation Feedback2.  White Oak Statistics3.  Church Cycle
Feb. 6

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “How Can We Reach People in Our Community?”

Jan. 30

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “How Do We Get Members Involved?”

Jan. 23

Kelton Hinton – “Love God, Love Others”

Jan. 16

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “The Grace of Giving”

Jan. 9

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “A Cry of Absence”

Jan. 2

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – Isaiah 9:1-7



Dec. 12

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Christmas in a Real World”

Dec. 5

Rev. Steve Holland – “Fear Not”

Nov. 28

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “The Time Has Come”

Nov. 21

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Who Are the Grateful?”

Nov. 21

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Prayer of Thanksgiving”

Nov. 14

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “The Grace of Giving”

Nov. 7

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Former Things and a New Thing”

Oct. 31

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “The Haunted Life”

Oct. 24

Rev. Neil Wood – Homecoming Message

Oct. 17

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Home on the Run”

Oct. 10

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “What’s Under the Steeple?”

Oct. 3

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Remembering Him”

Sept. 26

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Does God Always Answer Prayer?”

Sept. 19

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “How Can I Know That I Am Saved?”

Sept. 12

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “The Parable of the Good Employer”

Sept. 5

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “The Love of God”

August 29

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Making Peace with Your Past”

August 22

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “The Holy Spirit and The Holy Servant”

August 15

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “The Healing Power of Forgiveness”

August 8

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “White Oak’s Journey of Faith”

July 18

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “The Funeral Every Church Needs”

July 11

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “The Communion of the Saints”

July 4

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “God’s Plumb Line and Nations”

June 27

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “The Church With a Future”

June 20

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “The Prodigal’s Father”

June 6

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “The Journey is the Gift”

May 30

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Baptizing In Our Jordan River”

May 23

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “Coming Back to the Heart of Worship”

May 16

Relay for Life Team – “Celebrate, Remember, Fight Back”

May 9

Pastor Carlton McDaniel – “The Parents Every Child Needs”

May 2

Dr. Roger Nix

April 25

Pastor Carlton McDaniel

April 18

Pastor Carlton McDaniel

April 11

Rev. David Peppler – “No Bones About It”

April 4

Dr. Baxter Prevatte – “The Good News of Easter: Jesus Is ALIVE”

March 28

Dr. Baxter Prevatte – “What Easter Means to the Church: God’s Redeemed Family”

March 21

Chris Aman – “Coupons and Hot Sauce”

March 14

Mike Dorman – Military Missions in Action

March 7

Sharon Freeman – Habitat for Humanity

Feb. 21

Randall Peacock – Baptist Men’s Day

Feb. 14

Sarah Hughes & Ashley O’Daniel – House of Hope

Feb. 7

Rev. Don Dewberry – “Walk in Love”

Jan. 24

Pastor Paul Tolbert

Jan. 17

Rev. Carlton McDaniel

Jan. 10

Rev. Steve Holland

Jan. 3

Pastor Paul Tolbert – “On the Verge of Promise”



December 27

Pastor Paul Tolbert – “Reminders of Christmas”

December 13

Pastor Paul Tolbert – “The Great I Am … Not”

December 6

Pastor Paul Tolbert – “The Unopened Gift”

November 29

Pastor Paul Tolbert – “Lights, Camera, Action!”

November 22

Pastor Paul Tolbert – “An Attitude of Gratitude”

November 15

Rev. Bobbly L. Smith – “Elijah Stands Alone”

November 8

Pastor Paul Tolbert – “Ministry of Reconciliation” Part 2

November 1

Pastor Paul Tolbert – “Ministry of Reconciliation” Part 1

October 25

Dr. Guy Futral – “Vital Signs of the Church” – Homecoming

October 18

Dr. Baxter Prevatte – “Mobilize: God’s Mandates”

October 11

Dr. Baxter Prevatte – “Standing on the Banks of Tomorrow”

October 4

Rev. Don Dewberry – “The Song of Moses”

September 27

Dr. Baxter Prevatte – “Keep On Growing”

September 20

Dr. Baxter Prevatte – “A Life Worth Living”

August 30

Dr. Baxter Prevatte – “This One Thing I Do”

August 16

Dr. Baxter Prevatte

August 9

Dr. Baxter Prevatte

July 26

Dr. Baxter Prevatte

July 19

Dr. Baxter Prevatte

July 12

Dr. Baxter Prevatte

July 5

Dr. Baxter Prevatte

June 28

Dr. Baxter Prevatte

June 7

Dr. Baxter Prevatte

May 31

Dr. Baxter Prevatte

May 24

Dr. Baxter Prevatte

May 17

Dr. Baxter Prevatte

May 10

Dr. Baxter Prevatte

May 3

Sybol Daniel & Sandy Pate

April 5

Dr. Baxter Prevatte

March 29

Cara Lynn Vogel (WMU-NC)

March 22

John Paul Harris, Jr.

March 15

Pastor Paul Tolbert

March 8

Pastor Paul Tolbert

March 1

Ricky Anderson

February 22

Pastor Paul Tolbert

January 25

Pastor Paul Tolbert